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Alucard engages in brutal combat, frequently to the point of excessive cruelty, and he almost never uses lethal force before totally disabling and humiliating his opponent. The fact that he can still cry and express his love for people who are important to him, which Alexander Anderson interprets to signify that he is not entirely lost, suggests that he still has part of his humanity. Alucard is immensely self-centered due to the fact that he is practically eternal and untouchable. He shamelessly mocks and degrades his adversaries, frequently allowing them to deal potentially deadly wounds before he recovers and launches a counterattack.

He likes to let himself be blasted to pieces and then just flow back together after he’s done fighting. The fight between Alucard and Luke Valentine in volume 2 serves as an illustration. Victory looks to be within Luke’s grasp as he obtains the upper hand on Alucard. Alucard’s self-transformation into a hellhound causes the tides to change. After urging Luke to regenerate his legs, take up his pistol, and engage in combat, Alucard uses both of his firearms to shoot off Luke’s legs. Alucard declares Luke to be nothing more than dog chow after Luke fails to do so.

Alucard may be caught off guard despite having amazing powers, mainly as a result of his haughtiness. Alexander Anderson was the first person he encountered, and while he believed he had easily dispatched Anderson with a single shot, he was shocked when Anderson began to regenerate. Devastated that Luke was not a more deserving foe, Alucard also voiced dissatisfaction. Alucard claims that despite his powers, he hopes to meet a human opponent who has the resolve to defeat him.

Alucard is incredibly melancholy and seems to be envious of others below his haughtiness. Alucard has a great deal of admiration for people who have the fortitude to confront death and aging since he lacked these traits when he was about to meet his demise. All of these emotions are displayed throughout the series at various occasions, such when Alucard informs the Queen that she is the “same lively young lady” from fifty years ago and that she is now genuinely lovely.

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