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Being just about a head or so taller than a middle school kid, Nazuna is a fairly small woman. She has rather spindly limbs and legs and a very tiny physique, which effectively conceals her enormous vampiric power.

Her hair is a very, very pale shade of purple that almost looks grey. She maintains her hair long enough to reach the center of her back, but she keeps it in two long braids that she coils up and pins to the rest of her hair to form two big rings. She has two medium-length tufts of hair hanging down from the centre of her head, framing her face, and stopping just before her mouth. Her bangs almost reach her eyes and cover her eyebrows.

Her stunning blue eyes really stand out. Her eyes don’t have typical irises or pupils; instead, they feature black rings that intersperse portions of her irises, growing narrower as they approach the centre until they reach the pupil. This gives her eyes a target-like look. Her penetrating stare results from this, and depending on how she looks at someone, it may be either unsettling or creepy.

Nazuna is most commonly seen donning a bulky garment that resembles a hybrid of a cloak and a hooded jacket. With the exception of her hands, this huge piece of clothing nearly completely encloses her body and extends all the way to her mid-calf region.

A pair of black denim shorts that end just past her upper thigh and a black leather cropped keyhole blouse with no sleeves make up Nazuna’s everyday outfit underneath the thick cloak. Her keyhole top’s collar extends higher than those on other keyhole shirts, covering a sizable amount of her neck. Similar opening in the back, which reveals her shoulder blades, is also present. Hers is likewise incredibly short, falling just below her breasts and leaving a significant portion of her stomach and back bare. As a finishing touch, she occasionally dons a pair of leather gloves and a pair of thigh-high leather boots.

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