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Tall and fair-skinned, Kiyotaka is a young man with brown hair, eyes, and skin. He frequently appears donning the typical school outfit. He sports brown slacks and a green shirt with an orange stripe while he is not in class, covered by a white hoodie. In addition, he is seen sporting a blue vest over a white shirt and brown slacks. Since he initially came to the school, he has gotten taller.

According to Kiky Kushida’s light novels, which feature his ranking fifth among first-year males in ikemen, he is seen to be extremely attractive. This is largely verified by the fact that he has drawn the attention of several females in his class, some of whom are even extremely well-known. Kei said that he is among the ten hottest boys in the entire school before she formally began dating him. In spite of being turned down by Kiyotaka, Sat thinks him more attractive than even Ysuke Hirata.

At the pool, Suzune Horikita noted that he also had a very well-built physique. She asked him whether he played sports because of the enormous amount of muscle on his torso and arms, especially his lower arms. He flatly denied it. The in-depth instruction he received in the White Room as a young child is most likely to blame for this. He is frequently shown as having a carefree and lazy expression that conveys an attitude of unimportance. This might be taken as showing his peers he doesn’t care or that he is acting in a passive manner. A flashback reveals that he had a fixed look even as a young child, which he would maintain until puberty.

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