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Tanjiro is incredibly nice by nature, and others have noted that he has tender eyes and a sympathetic demeanor. The clearest illustration of this is his unrelenting search for a treatment for Nezuko. He has a great level of tenacity and won’t let up once he has a goal to attain. Tanjiro is capable of getting by on his own, but when he needs assistance, he doesn’t mind approaching people. He is fiercely protective of his pals and even more so of his younger sister. Zenitsu Agatsuma’s incessant moaning, for example, quickly irritates Tanjiro, despite his kindness and understanding nature, who has a limit to his patience and dislikes rudeness and cowardice.

Tanjiro listens to everyone’s remarks with sincerity and seriousness since he is straightforward and up front. He inquired about Tengen Uzui’s purported role as a deity after hearing him make the assertion. Due to the conflict between his honesty and the sincerity of his words, he finds lying difficult and does it with a severe contortion of his face. Tanjiro has little experience living in huge cities because he was raised in the Japanese countryside. He marveled at the brilliant lights that surrounded the cities while on his excursions to Asakusa and Yoshiwara. Similar to Inosuke, he had the naiveté to think that the Mugen train served as the territory’s protector spirit. He also had no idea what a red-light district was.

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