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Idea and Production
The impression that “the ferocious beast within has awoken,” according to Toriyama, is the source of the term. The large, upturned hair was then added after it was determined that the original design, which had pale complexion and a more menacing visage, was insufficient. The name Final Gohan Saigo Gohan, lit. “Gohan the Final,” was used before the name was decided upon. In the storyboards, “Final/Last/End Gohan” appears.

Given Gohan’s ongoing awakenings since he was a young boy, Gohan Beast is an evolved version of his Potential Unleashed condition and is now his most prominent transformation in contemporary culture. Piccolo thought he would be the strongest shortly before Gohan attained the form, and Toriyama said Gohan was the strongest of all but hadn’t lately had an opportunity to shine when talking about him in the movie’s promotional materials. The diminished Cell Max was no match for him because to his immense strength.

When Gohan saw Piccolo being killed by Cell Max in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, he attained the form and, like his previous Super Saiyan 2 transformation against the original Cell, morphed out of pure wrath. He was able to utterly destroy the giant’s enormous energy sphere as well as his core with a Special Beam Cannon while Orange Piccolo was limiting the giant’s movement in this state. He was also able to react brutally against Cell Max’s full-power punch.

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