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The man known as Queen has a large build, a round face, and pale complexion. He is obviously fat, but he claims differently. He is a scant centimeter shorter than his teammate All-Star King, who stands at a gigantic 612 cm. Queen has Jack’s top-heavy build and has broad, tapering arms, but his legs are rather short in comparison to his upper body. He looked much thinner after being defeated and drained of his fluids by Aramaki.

Due to his neck’s girth, which blends into his head, he has a slumped posture and a tiny face. His blue sunglasses with gray oval rims and no temples are fastened to his head with black tapes in the shape of an X on both his forehead and occiput. His sunglasses also have a black strap around them to keep them in place. A huge cigar is constantly smoked by Queen, who has a little hook nose, no visible brows, and a small mouth with navy lipstick. His blonde hair is braided into an eight-tie thick queue that emerges from the back of his head, which is otherwise hairless, and has a stinger-shaped terminating tuft. Additionally,

His Fu Manchu mustache has widening tendrils that hang to his chest. He has a stitched scar that curves up from his right shoulder to his chest. The Jolly Roger of Queen’s crew is inked on his upper right arm in block letters atop a black (dark blue in the anime) background. The left arm of the Queen, up to the shoulder, is made of gray and golden cybernetic material, including metallic rings, bolted plating, wiring, and even a tiny pressure gauge. The matching hand is wrapped in an orange glove.

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