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With the same dark eyes, spiky black haircut, and facial traits as his father, Goku resembles him almost perfectly. On the other hand, he inherited his mother’s softer eyes, gentle disposition, and lighter skin tone. His hair is what makes Goku most recognizable physically. In front of his forehead, he has two bangs on the left and three on the right.

Additionally, his hair is combed back and has three bangs in the rear and four spikes in the front (later in the anime, he has five spikes in the front and four in the back). Goku was born with the recognizable, long, prehensile, brown-furred tail of the Universe 7 Saiyans. In Goku’s early years, it was repeatedly cut off and regrowed, but in his late teens, Kami permanently removed it to stop him from becoming into a Great Ape.

Ultra Instict

In the anime, when Goku first activates the Perfected Ultra Instinct, he has a dazzling white shine all over, his features are painted black and blue, and his hair is styled like a Super Saiyan.

With the exception of the user’s hair being silver in color, this form is nearly identical to Ultra Instinct Sign’s original condition. No loose strands are present, and the haircut is a little bit wilder and more firm than usual. With irises that are silver in hue and visible pupils, the eyes take on a sterner, more defined form. Additionally, the user’s demeanor in the manga is often calm yet concentrated.

In the anime, the user develops a complicated silver and blue aura made up of rippling, fire-like energy and dazzling particles with a magenta hue.

According to the manga, the user at first develops a complicated silver and blue aura made up of rippling, fire-like energy but without the sparking magenta particles. The aura disappears after the person has more precise control of the condition.

The form is notable for having a godly divine status and the capacity to control divine ki. The idea of Ultra Instinct’s divine origin is further supported during Goku’s confrontation with Moro, in which he needed a tremendous amount of heavenly energy to sustain the form. In Dragon Ball Heroes, Hearts remarks that Goku has the “might of the gods” when she sees him in his Ultra Instinct Sign and Perfected Ultra Instinct forms.

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