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The Sharingan is referred to as a “eye that mirrors the heart” because it is created when a user of this kekkei genkai experiences a strong emotional state in relation to someone who is dear to them. This specific type of chakra is released by the user’s brain and influences the optic nerves, turning the eyes into Sharingan. According to the so-called “Curse of Hatred” of the Uchiha, this feeling is frequently a bad one that is triggered by stress or grief. The emotion may also be motivated by a desire to defend or reconcile with a loved one, which is a pleasant emotion.

The anime depicted how, after first getting this power, the user’s improved perception will typically throw off their timing, leading them to overstress their bodies from attempting to keep up with the quicker response time, forcing the user to adjust to move with it appropriately. For one’s chakra to retain its potency for a long time, one must have a higher level of control over it. It was also demonstrated that the person’s vision might briefly become blurry when the Sharingan gradually manifested during emotional conditions that started to stimulate its waking.

Any dōjutsu, even Sharingan, may be implanted into a non-Uchiha. In contrast to true Uchiha, who only require a little amount of chakra to keep it active, they are unable to deactivate it, and their usage of it demands more energy from them. Non-Uchiha frequently hide their Sharingan when not in use to save chakra for these reasons. Sharingan that come from the same Uchiha are still somewhat linked even when used by different people, and occasionally this allows those users to view the same things.

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