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Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Ichigo’s human body is in excellent condition. Ichigo has received martial arts instruction in both a professional and family setting since he was a young boy. With each of his attacks, he has consistently displayed exceptional agility and coordination. Ichigo is skilled in takedowns, counterattacks, and body locks in addition to having strong kicks and punches. He has regularly used a single hand to block an opponent’s weapon blows. He is a more skilled martial artist than Tatsuki Arisawa and regularly dispatches several bullies and thugs. who, despite competing while nursing a broken arm, is rated the second-strongest fighter in her age group in all of Japan. While he has ceased training, ongoing assaults from bullies and his father keep his talents sharp. When combined with his speed, he easily dispatched three lieutenants in quick succession, while bare-handed, with a single strike apiece before the first lieutenant even reached the ground.

Enhanced Strength: Even when not in Shinigami form, Ichigo is surprisingly powerful. He once kicked a guy in the head through a concrete road, and he subsequently kicked Asguiaro Ebern out of his bedroom and onto the street without getting hit by the man’s Hierro.

Enhancements to Speed and Reflexes: Ichigo is an extremely quick and nimble fighter even before learning Shunpo. Ichigo has excellent reflexes, deflecting a blow without expending more energy and launching a counterattack right away. He is capable of making swift, unannounced, and repeated attacks. His speed enables him to keep up with and better comprehend the moves of speedier opponents.

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