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Zero Two’s skin became fair as she grew older. She had a slim and athletic build; she was the tallest girl on the team and even taller than most of the lads. She had a pair of red horns on her head with a white limiter headband covering them. She also had long, waist-length pink hair that was covered in straight bangs. She had canthi marks that were pinkish-red and sharp, turquoise eyes with rings around the pupils.

In addition to matching jacket and boots, Zero Two’s whole outfit was made up of a white military headgear. Her trademark red military outfit, black leggings, and white boots were frequently seen on camera. Initially, Zero Two wore the 9’s pistil suit, which was a crimson bodysuit with white embellishments.

Growing up, there were rumors that Zero Two had a dark, icy, and seductive attitude. Given the enigmatic occurrences of her co-pilots going dead after just three sorties, she was a top-tier pilot known by the alias “Partner Killer.” The first time they met, she ridiculed Hiro and dubbed him a “pervert,” but she also occasionally displayed humor and seemed friendly with him. Nevertheless, she placed more importance on her role as a parasite than anything else—not because she wanted to keep Papa and the others safe, but rather because she wanted to “become human.” She didn’t bother with a name since she had a somewhat pessimistic attitude on life and believed that everyone was destined to struggle and perish.

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