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A ninja may travel short to large distances at a pace that is nearly untraceable by employing the Body Flicker Technique. A viewer could think the person has transported if they see this. Chakra is used to momentarily vitalize the body and travel at very high speeds in order to do this. Chakra requirements are influenced by the entire distance and altitude between the user and the desired location.

There are times when the user will cover their motions with a cloud of smoke. Gaara employs sand in Shikamaru Hiden for the Sand Body Flicker, while Sai uses ink for the Ink Mist Body Flicker as other components or substances to distract the opponent. Even village-specific variations exist, such as the Mist Body Flicker, Water Body Flicker, and Leaf Body Flicker ( Konoha-Shunshin, literally meaning: Tree Leaf Body Flicker).

The Body Flicker Technique can be mistaken for some space-time ninjutsu since it gives the appearance that the user is travelling between locations instantly. The Flying Thunder God Technique is sometimes referred to as the “Body Flicker Technique” by different people, including the technique’s originator, despite the fact that it is just high-speed movement, as opposed to space-time ninjutsu, which literally transports the user across space.

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