Luffy Twixtor 4k ( One Piece )

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The user’s rubber-like body gains enhanced physical strength and freedom as a result of the awakening of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, also known as the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. This power allows the user to engage in combat as they want. The user is supposed to transform into the “Warrior of Liberation” as a result, providing happiness and freedom to others around them, making it “the most absurd power in the universe.”

Zunesha has referred to this stage as the “Drums of Liberation” because Luffy’s heartbeat begins to have a melodic rhythm. His eyes sparkle with white ring-like pupils, and white clouds float about his neck, resembling the clouds of steam that accompany him in Gear Fourth. His hair and clothes turn white, with the exception of his distinctive straw hat, belt, and shoes. This form unleashed enough haki to be felt on the Live Floor of the Skull Dome, rendering several Beasts Pirates unconscious in the process.

As a result of aligning with the Mythical Zoan nature of this new form, Luffy’s already rubbery body acquires power, flexibility, and durability that are superior to those he would have received from his prior forms, to the point that it is now even cartoonishly flexible, with Kaidou comparing it to “something out of a picture book.” An illustration of this is when Kaidou used one of his Bolo Breath strikes directly on Luffy, and Luffy barely felt any impact, his body was scorched (in a humorous way), and he immediately ran back to confront Kaidou. Another instance is when Kaidou’s Hassaikai struck him in the head while he was still using Gear 5; however, instead of being hurt, his skull warped and wrapped around the weapon and its spikes.

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