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Erza is an extremely stern person who frequently calls out the poor habits and bad conduct of the other guild members, which causes most of them to apologize out of fear of incurring her anger. She also has a short attention span and dislikes people who take too long to respond to her queries. She has a strong sense of justice and takes great pleasure in being a part of Fairy Tail, but many of her guildmates shun her because of her social awkwardness as a result of this, along with her own traumatic background.

Erza is a young woman with brown eyes and long, crimson hair. As a kid, she was born without a right eye; today, Porlyusica has given her an artificial one. Her most frequent clothing consists of a custom-made armor by Heart Kreuz smiths, a blue skirt, black boots, and diamond-shaped silver earrings. She has a slim, sensual form that Lucy Heartfilia called “wonderful.” On the center of her left upper arm is where her blue Fairy Tail stamp is positioned. It is possible for Erza to change her clothing at any moment because to her specialization in Requip Magic, which also lets her requip armor and other clothes.

Since she couldn’t shield individuals she held dear from harm, Erza sees herself as someone who was constantly in tears. Several instances come to mind, like when Rob attempted to protect her from harm and Jellal was detained after saving her and becoming indoctrinated by “Zeref” in addition to Jellal being caught. Aside from that, Erza has said that being without her armor makes her feel uneasy and vulnerable. Erza overcomes her trepidation and takes down Ikaruga without her armor when they first meet.

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