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In the Chainsaw Man manga series, Denji is the main character. His father’s Yakuza obligations are passed down to him as a young lad. He meets Pochita and, in an effort to pay off his obligation, joins the Yakuza as a Devil Hunter. He dies and Pochita transforms into his heart after being betrayed by the Yakuza, who are acting under the influence of a Devil. Pulling a chord on his chest, he now assumes the identity of the Chainsaw Man. He became a Public Safety Devil Hunter after encountering Makima.

Teenage boy named Denji has dirty blonde hair. His look is hazy and exhausted, and he has yellow-brown eyes with bags beneath. Noticeably pointed and angular are his teeth. He has a thin frame with prominent ribs since he was malnourished as a youngster.

Denji’s right eye and a number of other non-essential parts, such as a kidney and a testicle, were absent before he turned into a hybrid. With an eyepatch, he concealed his missing eye. In addition, he’s sporting a loose-fitting white tank top, a green jacket, and black slacks at this moment.

Due to his lack of access to a formal education and social opportunities as a result of his extreme poverty, Denji is both rude and ignorant. It almost seems as like he has a juvenile rudeness and harshness about him. His willingness to help others in danger despite his weaknesses demonstrates that he has a strong sense of empathy for others and that, despite his flaws, he is a good-hearted person.

Denji doesn’t necessarily have the sharpest mind, yet he can come up with inventive ways to defeat demons, like setting himself on fire and killing Santa Claus with the light he released.

Denji releases his most twisted side while confronting other demons, to the point of relishing in murdering them, as he transforms into his hybrid form, which makes him incredibly vicious, aggressive, bloodthirsty, and sadistic.

The character of Denji’s emotional harm and her want to experience love and be loved by someone are made increasingly clear as the plot develops. He used Makima as a coping technique, even going so far as to tell her that all he wanted from life was to be a dumb dog, so that he wouldn’t have to deal with the pain of losing the people and things he cared about. This backfired since it just took him seeing Power’s death for him to entirely give himself to Makima, destroying his individuality and mental state.

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