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Zero Two eventually started to feel attracted to Hiro romantically. The pair did, however, momentarily drift apart due to her drive to become totally human and Hiro’s evident dread of her escalating feral traits. They remembered their long-forgotten recollections of meeting when they were children as their relationship as lovers started to sour and slowly dissolve. To protect and guarantee humankind’s existence, the two made the decision to give their lives.

After a millennium, Hiro and Zero Two’s spirits reincarnate as a couple of kids who cross paths once more and reignite their passion.

Due to her Klaxosaur blood and constant label as a “monster,” Zero Two has lived alone since she was a little girl. She lost confidence in people because of the way they treated her when she was a youngster, which was most evident when she was a child and acted aggressively or defensively whenever someone tried to interact with her. Apart from that, Zero Two behaved like a wild animal or a feral kid, eating with her hands, snarling, conversing only through other vocalizations, and running after mice that came close to her. However, Zero Two was also depicted as a generally upbeat, inquisitive, and content kid, and it was her time with Hiro that greatly influenced her personality and peculiarities today, such as her sweet taste.

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