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Then, after blocking with his Shikai, Zangetsu, Ichigo declares that they will have a good, clean murder as Grimmjow pulls out his Zanpakut and strikes him. After Grimmjow’s arm has been repaired by Sten Kisshun, shortly after, Ichigo kneels in front of a heartbroken Nel Tu and tells her that he will triumph alongside Orihime. When Grimmjow turns to him and asks where they should go, Ichigo jumps from the tower with him, blowing Orihime and Nel away with the power of the wind. He then holds out Zangetsu and uses his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, which causes him to fall on a higher tower below with enough force to crater and shatter it upon contact.

A smirk spreads across Grimmjow’s face as he peers down at Ichigo from atop a higher tower, his Zanpakut drawn, their Reiatsu increasing in intensity. Grimmjow then leaps down to meet Ichigo in midair for a brutal fight. Then, after a ground-shattering sword lock, Grimmjow and Ichigo square up, with Ichigo successfully blocking Grimmjow’s attempt to use his left hand to fire a Cero at him. However, a manically smiling Grimmjow merely tosses his Zanpakut away and charges a Cero that he is aiming at Ichigo’s skull with in his right hand. As Ichigo comes forward to intercept the Cero at Grimmjow’s palm with his sword and gets ready to fire a Getsuga Tensh.

Grimmjow looks down at Ichigo while perched on a taller tower, his Zanpakut drawn, and their Reiatsu intensifying. Grimmjow’s grin stretches across his face. The violent battle begins as Grimmjow rushes to meet Ichigo in midair. The two then engage in a ground-shattering sword lock before Grimmjow attempts to use his left hand to fire a Cero at Ichigo, but Ichigo successfully blocks the attack. Tossing his Zanpakut aside, a manic-laughing Grimmjow instead charges a Cero that he is holding in his right hand and aiming for Ichigo’s head. In preparation for firing a Getsuga Tensh, Ichigo advances to block the Cero that Grimmjow is aiming at with his sword.

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