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In order to grow a tree and gather its chakra fruit, Isshiki and Kaguya traveled to Earth a thousand years ago. Kaguya was supposed to be the lower-ranked sacrifice for the Chakra Fruit, but she turned on Isshiki and slayed his lower half instead, leaving him close to death. In order to survive his wound by ingesting Jigen’s nutrition, Isshiki came up with a desperate strategy after encountering Jigen and realizing that he lacked the strength to implant a Kma on him. He shrank himself to fit inside the monk’s ear. Of time, Isshiki was able to attach a Kma onto his host and gain complete control over Jigen’s body.

The Inners decided collectively to gain the Chakra fruit by growing a new God Tree that would be large enough to consume all life on Earth. When Kara was formed, Isshiki assumed leadership of it through Jigen and obtained a new Ten-Tails seedling. Isshiki was left all by himself as a result of Kaguya’s treachery and final sealing; he had no choice but to offer himself through Jigen as the sacrifice for the Ten-Tails in order to cause it to blossom into a God Tree. He decided against resurrecting himself through Jigen because his body would expire in a few days because it couldn’t support his chakra. Instead, he chose to turn Jigen’s body as much as possible into a tsutsuki that could be given to the Ten-Tails to feed its development.

Isshiki was determined, practical, and unrepentant. Isshiki, like the other members of his clan, had no regard for human life and only wanted to continue living as long as it costed him something. This was evident when he completely took control of Jigen’s brain and body and crushed his will to live. Even his own clan members were not above being expendable to him, as he intended to sacrifice Momoshiki’s vessel in order to grow a God Tree. He insulted Jigen’s sobs and called him an useless and flawed vessel as he engulfed his body with his great strength. Like most tsutsuki, he publicly thought of himself as a superior entity, considering everyone else to be inferior.

He regularly insulted his opponents after overwhelming them in combat and took pleasure in their awe or dread of his strength. He openly derided his adversaries. Additionally, he had a strong sense of authority and the ability to demand the group’s respect, to the point that even the haughty Victor and the irritable Delta were readily subdued by him. Additionally, he was shown to be exceedingly conceited, keeping clothes and wine glasses in his pocket dimension among other baubles. He was shown in the anime to occasionally find Deepa humorous, for example, but he didn’t appear to overtly express his amusement because Amado didn’t think he was capable of laughing.

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