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An average-height adolescent girl named Shinra has red eyes, short, spiky black hair, and particularly pointed teeth. She also has a thin, muscular frame. The fact that his pupils are white rather than black makes his eyes stand out as well. Shinra was dressed in a light shirt, black pants, and a belt when he was first seen. His dark jacket had a button on the collar in the shape of a cross. Additionally, he was shown using his Ignition Ability to burn through his black shoes, which he did several times.

He was then given bunker gear, which consisted of a black t-shirt with a belt fastened at the waist and dark offshore pants with bright patches on the front leg and pelvis that were strapped over his shoulders. After that, a protective outer jacket, pants, a neck protector, protective gloves, and a helmet with the number 8 on it—signaling his brigade—are added. His protective jacket has buttons with motifs like crosses on them. Maki Oze made Shinra’s bunker gear trousers particularly for him so that they only come up to his knees and not his feet. This is helpful since it allows him to use his Ignition Ability without fear of burning through his clothes.

He was then issued bunker gear, which included a black t-shirt with a belt around the waist and dark offshore pants with fluorescent patches on the front leg and pelvis that were put over his shoulders. Then, a protective outer jacket, trousers, neck protection, pair of gloves, and a helmet bearing the number 8—designating his brigade—are attached. The buttons on his protective jacket have cross-like designs. Shinra’s bunker gear trousers were specially tailored by Maki Oze for him to barely reach his knees and not his feet. Because of this, he may utilize his igniting power without worrying about igniting his garments, which is advantageous.

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