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Young Dazai has short, dark brown hair that is lightly curly, narrow dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair. His bangs surround his face, with some of them gathering in the middle of his forehead. He has a thin build and is pretty tall.

Dazai is dressed in a long trench coat in sand that he wears without tying the belt. A dress shirt with light blue stripes is worn underneath it, and it is covered with a black vest. A brown ribbon, a turquoise pendant, and a bolo tie are used to hold the accessory on his person. All of his body is covered in bandages, with the exception of his face, hands, and feet, and he also wears beige slacks and dark brown shoes.

Dazai is a shady character; his genuine motivations are never known unless he makes them known. His buddy Sakunosuke Oda understood that Dazai would remain in the shadows for all time since there was almost nothing that could surpass his intelligence, and this was the person who came closest to understanding the true nature of his personality, as admitted by Dazai himself. Oda recognized that no location in the world could satisfy Dazai’s loneliness, which Oda believed Dazai felt in himself, regardless of whether he is on the side of killing people or saving them.

The Mafia had a proverb that said, “The greatest tragedy for Dazai’s opponents is that they are Dazai’s enemies,” as Dazai was properly described as having “practically been born to be in the Mafia.” He was a great strategist who had long-term plans to defeat his adversaries. He was also quite self-assured. He was successful in tricking Mimic operatives—trained soldiers—into falling into his trap, for example. Dazai had a strong verbal persuasion ability, which he seems to use in torture squad leader Ky Ozaki’s interrogations to pull information out of targets who had refused to talk.

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