Rock lee and Guy vs Nine tails Twixtor 60 fps

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To restrict the movement of chakra within a person’s body, the Eight Gates were created. In most cases, people are only able to employ 20% of their body’s capacity, which is the brain’s way of preventing them from overworking their bodies and causing damage. The removal of these restrictions, often known as “opening” the gates, may be learned via training. Individuals have access to ever-greater portions of their body’s chakra with each gate that is opened, so gaining more power and quickness. There have been ninja who can open the Eight Gates at least since Madara Uchiha.

As evidence of how challenging it must be to learn to open any of the Eight Gates, Kakashi is taken aback when he learns that Lee, who was only thirteen years old at the time, is able to open five of them. Kakashi remarks that such an accomplishment is not achievable by hard effort alone. While opening the gates does temporarily grant the user strength larger than what they are typically capable of, this enhanced power causes the user considerable injury, hence Kakashi does not think Guy was prudent to teach Lee to do so in the first place. This is another reason for Kakashi’s astonishment. The user will, at the very least, be exhausted, which may make them vulnerable to assault if this happens in the middle of a battle. In more severe situations,

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