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Levi has a deceptively young face, narrow, threatening dull gray eyes, and short, straight black hair dressed in an undercut curtain. He also has heavy bags under his eyes. He uses vertical maneuvering equipment frequently, thus despite his diminutive stature, his muscles are nicely developed. It is frequently difficult for people to tell what he is thinking because he typically has a scowl on his face or is expressionless. He also has an unusually tranquil temperament.

Levi is not a particularly sociable person despite his obsession with hygiene. He rarely exhibits emotion, leaving people with the impression that he is frigid. His language is generally quite direct, often nasty, and he frequently makes crude or inappropriate comments. Anyone who disagrees with him or irritates him will often find him to be amusing or provocative. He has a dark, crude, and even offensive sense of humor. For a lot of people, this is what makes him disturbing.

Levi put a lot of faith in his colleagues during his pre-Survey Corps illegal existence when he resided in the Underground City, as Petra Ral informs Eren. He would subsequently do the same with his subordinates. Although he joined the Survey Corps,

Levi has a great moral sense and sensitivity, even if he rarely displays these. He places a high priority on protecting human life, which is one of his most distinguishing traits. This is especially evident in light of the possibility that all Titans may have previously been humans. He is deeply troubled by the realization that he has been killing people unintentionally all these time. Despite the fact that Levi had no animosity toward Eren, he was prepared to use force in order to preserve his life during his tribunal, and at some point, he even questioned Eren about his feelings towards the beating. In light of Levi’s own admission that he abhors needless deaths, he orders his soldiers to exercise caution in order to avoid mistakes that may result in their deaths.

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