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Killua has blue eyes, very pale complexion, and silvery hair that is spiky. Depending on his mood, his eyes take on a different form; when he’s in assassination mode, they become sharper and narrower. Due to the rigorous physical conditioning and torture training he experienced as a child, Killua is fairly lean at the beginning of the series. He gets stronger and more toned with time. Killua’s eyes are changed to green during the OVAs of the Nippon Animation anime adaptation. A green skateboard that he frequently carries (turned yellow in the 2011 series).

The other half of him, nevertheless, who is cruel, violent, and bloodthirsty, is revealed through his aptitude for murder. While he is still willing to threaten or kill anyone who attacks him or Gon, this side of him gradually disappears as they spend more time together. His unwavering allegiance to his companions and innate generosity clash with Killua’s propensity for murder. Gon, according to him, was his first friend, and as time goes on, he becomes more and more devoted to him. Without a single complaint, Killua frequently endures excruciating pain while attempting to assist his pals. He disregards his own health and even his life in favor of others, putting others before himself.

The Zoldycks, a notorious assassin family, gave birth to Killua as their middle child. Killua was a very promising child from birth, and Silva and Illumi taught him the classic Zoldyck training. He was poised to be one of the family’s greatest assassins because at such a young age, he had already learned a number of murdering methods. He began training in tailing when he was three years old, a skill that frequently endangered his life.

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