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Many of the people in Fubuki’s organization seem to care about her and are willing to put their lives in danger for her, which suggests that she has charisma. Her concern for the Blizzard Group members is reciprocated, and despite her own telekinetic abilities, she significantly depends on them to rise in status.

Since meeting Saitama, who inspired Fubuki to finally face her shortcomings and worries and find her resolve to grow stronger and graduate into A-Class, Fubuki’s demeanor has undergone a significant transformation. She devotes her days to totally ensuring the success and improvement of her organization.

Having a curvaceous figure and delicate features, Fubuki is a young woman. She also has light green eyes and chin-length, dark green hair. She is dressed in a form-fitting dress with a long white fur coat thrown over it, thigh-high black boots, and a few necklaces on occasion. She had on a black lingerie bra and matching thong to go underneath her dress. She changes her attire frequently throughout the series.

Psychokinesis: Tatsumaki and Fubuki are the two psychic sisters, and Fubuki is the younger of the two. As such, she shares psychic skills with Tatsumaki, making her one of the few heroes with supernatural prowess in the Hero Association. Despite not being quite as strong as her sister Tatsumaki, Fubuki is a proficient esper. She was apparently able to move a vehicle even as a little child. She has proven that she is capable of deflecting an attack from a Disaster Level Dragon Mysterious Being, albeit the feat left her clearly drained and she afterwards said she would be unable to repeat it. Fubuki, unlike the majority of espers, has mastered the skill of controlling the path of her telekinetic signals, which usually follow a straight line.

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