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Inosuke is a young man of normal height and fair complexion. He has a very toned and muscular frame for his age, with massive, defined muscles most prominently over his stomach and arms. In stark contrast to this, he has an exceptionally attractive and feminine face,[3] with huge, wide eyes that are framed by a variety of long eyelashes, their irises being a dark to soft pastel green, thin eyebrows, and what might be a petite, well-mannered lips. Just past his shoulders, his thick, black hair begins to turn blue at the ends and forms an untidy, uneven fringe that falls just above his eyes, puffing up before curving and becoming thinner near his forehead.

Inosuke is dressed in a modified version of the traditional Demon Slayer outfit, which consists solely of the baggy hakama trousers. These pants are colored a dark gray-blue, and he fastens them around his hips with a wide belt made of fluffy brown deer fur. Inosuke is not dressed in a haori as his traveling friends are. Instead of the customary textile leg covers, he is wearing what look to be bear-hide knee-high socks, which reveal his heels and toes and also seem to be what fastens the sandal bases he wears on his feet. His most distinguishing characteristic is the gray, hollowed-out boar’s head he wears to conceal his own, whose eyes he tampered with to give himself eyesight while wearing it.

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