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Using a flawless inertia slide on the Akina downhill, Takumi passed Keisuke Takahashi on a tofu delivery run. Keisuke and the other RedSuns would seek for vengeance as a result of this incident. Koichiro Iketani, after hearing a tale from his employer Yuichi Tachibana, goes in quest of the quickest downhill racer on Akina, a tofu store owner who drives an Eight-Six. Iketani finally admits that there is a 50/50 chance that the person he was looking for, Bunta Fujiwara, will show up after pleading with him on several times to represent the Akina SpeedStars in their conflict with the Akagi RedSuns. Takumi strikes a bargain with his father Bunta: if he goes up to Akina and beats Keisuke Takahashi in a downhill fight, Bunta would let him use the Eight-Six and give him a free full tank of fuel so that Takumi may go to the beach with Natsuki Mogi.

Inconveniencing the SpeedStars, who were expecting Bunta, Takumi agrees and departs for Akina. Iketani is delighted to allow Takumi to represent the SpeedStars when he reveals that he has previously defeated Keisuke. Iketani figures that since Bunta sent him, he must be a good representative of the team. Even though his Eight-Six is less capable than Keisuke’s FD3S from a technical standpoint, he is nevertheless able to stay up with the Japanese driver over the whole course, falling behind on the straightaways but making up ground in the turns. In the end, Takumi passes Keisuke by executing a gutter run in which the car’s tires are driven into the drainage ditch on the inside of the hairpin corners. Having a lead of 7 seconds, Takumi triumphs. After that, he goes on a date with Natsuki, who thinks the Trueno is adorable.

The fourth generation of the 4A-GE, which was used in Toyota AE101s, served as the basis for this new engine, a TRD Group A racing engine. Although it is uncertain how he obtained this engine, he may have connections in the world of professional racing (suggested by the fact that he knows Keiichi Tsuchiya). Due to the car’s new engine’s increased speed and the resulting high g-forces it produces for the driver, a bucket seat was added. Takumi’s automobile, which Bunta fixed with a lot of money he had earned from delivering tofu, is now owned equally by him and his son, according to Bunta. Takumi first thinks that the new engine in the automobile is less

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