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Within Luniverse
In Luniverse, he is esteemed for his excellent looks. He enjoys receiving offers of money, and the only time he declines is when he may accept the person instead since, if he accepts the person, the offer of money would also become his.

Originally intended to join the Wei Wu Army in the Luniverse; nevertheless, he ended up defeating the bandits in Azure Dragon Village and taking over as Lord. “Escape poverty and make a fortune!” creator. and marketed soap alongside the thieves. had them complete their assignment to receive distress points.

Old King’s God
In Luniverse, he is highly regarded and regarded as being exceptionally educated. implemented a lot of the concepts he observed in China, which he refers to be the “Land of the Forefathers” on Earth. copied several poems and claimed they were original. has a tendency to repeatedly inflict pain on those around him, much like Lu Shu, and is capable of anticipating a person’s identity (Similar to LuShu). He has crossed over into the Eternity Realm or a level above it after passing through the Master Realm. His weapons are identical to those of LuShu, and everyone who has seen them is either dead or extremely close to him (Puppet masters, Ouyang Lishang).

not a slave-maker and, like Lu Shu, signed the Alliance pact. Has four Lord of Heaven and seven puppet masters, and is known as the Demon King (most of them are orphans from war). In the end, he kills himself since he was unable to overcome his evil side. He is extremely wary and distrusting. He created ghosts from his dark side, who plotted to murder Lu Shu alongside Yu FuYao and Qing Kong. Additionally, he brought over many, if not most, of the hazardous creatures that had become prevalent owing to a combination of the environment and criminal activity.

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