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As opposed to the conventional Artoria, the King of Knights has a distinct side that is vicious. Saber Alter is the name given to her. Artoria appears to be a different person because to her cold-hearted nature and lack of futile conduct, yet if one pays close attention to her, they may observe that the fundamental elements remain the same.

When Angra Mainyu corrupts Artoria Alter, her demeanor drastically diverges from how she normally behaves, yet she is not a bad person. She is more of a tragic heroine who, despite being tarnished, retains her idealistic nature and sticks to her own principles.

Her magic reactor expanded outside the scale after becoming blackened, dramatically increasing her need for Magical Energy. She was given access to her abundant magical energy source, nevertheless, because she was Sakura’s Servant. Because her former Masters frequently lacked the necessary Magical Energy, Artoria had to restrain her own strength; nevertheless, in this circumstance, she unleashes strong energy without hesitation. As a result, she has become more fearsome and more powerful, increasing the amount of destruction and death she can bring about.

Artoria continues to use Excalibur in this manner. Excalibur, who was known as Excalibur Morgan, was also blackened with Saber because of the “sword that amplifies” characteristic of this Divine Construct. Its status as the strongest holy sword remains unaltered in this form, and because Artoria is free to use it as she pleases while losing control of her own magical energy, it might be argued that it is even more dangerous than its normal state counterpart. As a result, a proficient user of a Noble Phantasm with an equivalent skill level as Saber Alter would be required to defeat her in a one-on-one match. She may have the highest Noble Phantasm among only few Heroic Spirits, which is paradoxical.

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