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A complicated person, Satoru is. With his pupils, close friends, and coworkers, he is frequently observed to be carefree and fun. The sorcerer executives, on the other hand, find him to be cold and nasty, as seen by his evident disregard for Principal Gakuganji and his adversaries.

Satoru considers himself to be unbeatable and has a great deal of faith in his skills and reputation as a formidable magician. He frequently just views people in terms of how strong he perceives them to be, and he is extremely indifferent to those he views as weak. He is also extremely conceited and driven by a strong desire for power. He asserted, during his battle with Toji Fushiguro, that “throughout the Heavens and earth, he alone is the honored one,” demonstrating his belief that he is the strongest person in the world—a claim that is technically true. This was further demonstrated when he was assigned to guard Riko Amanai, one of the few “weak” persons he really learned to care for.
A complicated person, Satoru is.

Six Eyes Although nothing is known about the Six Eyes, it is understood that they play a part in the exact application of the Limitless. According to rumors, Six Eyes is an innate skill passed down through the Gojo family, much like Limitless is.

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