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The Uchiha clan’s crest is often visible on Sasuke’s clothes, such as the back of his shirt collar, despite the fact that his everyday attire has varied over the course of his life. He is dressed in white shorts, a high-collared navy blue short-sleeve shirt, and, occasionally, white arm warmers for most of Part I. He wears a black one-piece variant of this normal outfit during the Chunin Exams finals, with identical bands around both of his legs and several little belts decorating his left arm. In both of these clothes, he wears a blue forehead protector. Still, after Itachi hospitalizes him, he continues to wear it less and less until, towards the conclusion of Part I, he completely stops wearing it.

Sasuke wears the same outfit as Orochimaru and his troops do throughout Part II: dark blue slacks with a blue fabric hanging over them that covers his stomach to his knees and is fastened by a purple rope belt. At first, he matches this with a long-sleeved white shirt left open at the chest and black arm guards that protect his forearms. Before and during his confrontation with Itachi, he swaps out this top for a sleeveless dark grey shirt, and his wrists are bandaged in place of the arm guards.

At the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sasuke suffers a left limb loss; however, unlike Naruto, he chooses not to have a prosthetic arm constructed from Hashirama Senju’s cells made for him at the moment. He sports a midriff-baring flak jacket, a midriff-baring black high collar shirt, and light grey slacks in The Last: Naruto the Movie. He covers most of this with a faded light brown poncho, so it’s mostly hidden. He is wearing a blue ribbon over his head and bandages around his ankles. He is shown in Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise as having white bandages wrapped up to his knees on both of his legs and donning a black robe over a black shirt and a pair of pants with a white belt below.

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