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Hinata’s height increased from 162.8 cm at the start of her first year of high school to 164.2 cm by the middle of the year. The Karasuno volleyball team’s Nishinoya is the tallest, yet he is the second-shortest player. His dark eyes and orange hair are wild. He frequently misidentifies as a junior high (or, in some circumstances, elementary school) student due to his low size and very thin frame. Black slacks and a black jacket make up Hinata’s normal school uniform for Karasuno. He is wearing a brown or beige sweater underneath his jacket. He was shown in the opening episode sporting the junior high Yukigaoka volleyball green suit.

In competitions, Hinata dons his volleyball outfit, which consists of a black jersey and shorts with white and orange side stripes. His position number, 10, which is also the same number that the Small Giant wore, is shown on the back of his jersey, along with the kanji-written name of his school. He sports white volleyball shoes with red accents and kneepads while playing on the court.

Hinata has spent a lot of time in Brazil getting trained since the time jump. Hinata has grown to be 172 cm tall with a slender yet strong figure as a consequence of playing on the beach and adhering to a strict diet and exercise routine.

For the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, Hinata has joined the National Japan Team. Hinata and Oikawa reconcile just prior to Japan’s match versus Argentina, and they can be seen hugging one another. The match begins with Oikawa’s enormous serve being accepted, and Hinata and Kageyama launch their renowned rapid assault. Hinata is now a member of the Asas So Paulo club in the Brazil Super League, which she joined in 2022. Hinata and Kageyama will square off once more in the FIVB Club World Championship finals, this time with Kageyama currently playing for Ali Roma of the Italian Serie A. Hinata and Kageyama each make a victory-guarantee as the match is about to begin.

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