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Twice meets up with Hawks a week or so after getting the “hospital” tip and asks for advise on what to say regarding the “concept of liberty.” He claims that the other members of his unit don’t trust him and wonders whether he should just state his own opinions. Hawks considers how he was able to identify the various regiments of the Paranormal Liberation Front and their lieutenants during the course of the previous month. The first is “Black,” a tactical regiment that supports the other three regiments, “Violet,” “Twice,” and the raid regiment, commanded by Dabi and Geten, which oversees everyone’s places across the nation with one exception, “Carmine,” the intelligence regiment, under the command of Himiko Toga and Skeptic, and “Brown,” the support unit, under the command of Mr. Compress and Spinner.

The front of the Gunga Mountain Villa, the residence of the Liberation, is where a massive gathering of Pro Heroes, including Edgeshot, Mt. Lady, Kamui Woods, Midnight, Gang Orca, Fat Gum, Suneater, Majestic, Cementoss, Ms. Joke, and many others, takes place. One-A students Denki and Fumikage, as well as 1-B students Kinoko Komori and Juzo Honenuki, are also with the group, which Midnight says is because they only temporarily require their assistance. However, Denki still feels uncomfortable and longs to be with his classmates, who are waiting behind them. Endeavor approaches Naomasa’s squad and inquires about how they came across this information and what “he” is up to. Naomasa simply shrugs it off and responds that everyone is diligently trying to maintain national security. Since Endeavor is confident that Hawks is responsible for everything, he refrains from questioning.

Tomura then understands, however, that he believes One For All is what he should have and that something is lacking from what he feels he should have. Burnin overhears Endeavor responding in response to the name, indicating they are en route for aid while seeming confused. Deku hears about this as well and feels uneasy. Tomura uses Search, a Quirk he acquired from Ragdoll of the Wild, Wild Pussycats, to find Deku’s whereabouts and prepare to attack him.

While Deku tries screaming out to Burnin, Burnin orders the civilians and students to leave with the Heroes. Tomura leaps to his feet, then moves toward where Deku is standing. Deku stares at everyone confused of what to do as the others begin to worry about Tomura’s presence. Speaking to him, Katsuki assures him that the others will want to watch out for him because becoming a Hero entails guarding everyone. Deku reaffirms that the safety of the populace is their first concern, but Katsuki asserts that despite it being challenging to tell whether Tomura is heading to this area in light of One For All, he still needs to go.

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