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Between day and night, Escanor’s strength and demeanor undergo significant variations. He is timid, weak, and always courteous at night. While he acts haughtily, domineeringly, and with a sense of entitlement during the day, at night he judges those he believes have sinned, such as those who play with people’s emotions. Although he has reprimanded himself for losing control during the day, both of his personas seem to be genuine versions of himself, and he recalls everything he does in both.

Despite the stark contrast, he keeps some aspects of his personality, such his affection for Merlin and love of poetry writing, whether it is day or night. He still shows his buddies support, but in a unique way, despite his arrogant nature. feigning to destroy God, but really targeting the two Commandments for manipulating people’s hearts. Escanor’s outward signs of discouragement at the idea that Merlin and Arthur had a romantic relationship are evidence that he still loves Merlin. Although he does not want to hurt anybody, not even those he has just met, at night he has a great deal of concern for his commander and his fellow soldiers.

Escanor has a startling feeling of responsibility considering that he is more fearful and at his weakest at night. Even though he was no longer required to remain in hiding as a bar owner, he still wanted to finish his last supply of booze to the competition, and he even urged Ban to assist him in this endeavor. Even more determined to defend those he cares about, he begged Mael, the former owner of the power of Sunshine, to fight in his place during a battle in the new holy war arc after being overpowered by the original demon and unable to continue.

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