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Disgusted that Boros would go to all of that merely to find a respectable opponent, Saitama flings a quick punch at Boros. Boros’s restraining armor, which he was using to contain his own might, gets broken by the hit instead of killing him. Saitama gives Boros a “OK” when he informs him that his armor has been damaged. As Boros begins to assume his unleashed form, Saitama is attacked by him.

Saitama stops Boros’ strikes when they are fighting. Finally, Saitama strikes with a blow that breaks Boros’ arm. Boros throws Saitama all over the throne chamber as the struggle rages on, finally spiraling out to the top of the ship as they continue to fight. Saitama is the only being in all of existence, according to Boros, to have lasted this long against him. The top of the ship is then damaged by Boros’s burst of destructive energy, but he is still unable to harm Saitama. As Boros starts bragging about his ability to regenerate and grows his arm back, the combat begins to approach its climax. Boros’ speech is cut short by Saitama, who inquires as to if he has finished boasting.

Once more, Boros assaults Saitama, but this time, Saitama strikes back with a powerful punch, sending Boros flying back and knocked out. Soon after, Boros receives consecutive normal punches from Saitama, which cause Boros to get splattered. Boros pulls himself back together with the use of his regeneration powers and begins to activate his final trump card, Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, which he promises would obliterate Saitama and destroy the planet’s surface.

In response, Serious Series: Serious Punch, Saitama’s own trump card, is released. As a result, Boros’ powerful energy strike is fully neutralized, and the pressure alone destroys Boros. The punch also disperses clouds hundreds of kilometers around the world.

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