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Being an above-average height Kai with a thin build, green skin, and a white Mohawk, his initial look is the same as that of his future temporal counterpart. He donned his matching Potara earrings with green and gold chains after slaying his previous owner, Gowasu, nevertheless. The Saiyan body acquired some physical modifications as a result of Super Shenron from the unaffected main timeline of Universe 6 granting Goku Black’s request to exchange bodies with Goku from the unaltered main timeline within Universe 7 in order to achieve his goal. Despite being nearly identical to Goku Red, Goku Black has a little bit darker complexion, more “defined” eyes, and a leaner, skinnier appearance.

He was quiet and patient before acting on his evil inclinations as Zamasu, ready to hear what his master had to say. However, he had long maintained a ferocious loathing for humans, considering them to be the gods’ greatest error and a blasphemy. He grew to despise the gods for doing little to correct their “fault” as well. Zamasu killed his previous master brutally as his first step down a dark path after yielding to his impulses. Zamasu searches multiple timelines for evidence that mortals are a corruption of existence as a whole that prevents it from becoming a true existence, feeling perfectly vindicated and seeing no evil in his actions despite his cruel, aggressive, and undoubtedly unsympathetic actions, even to his own kind.

He blames mortals for his crimes and exploits Future Trunks’ transgression of time travel to support him and Future Zamasu’s ethically dubious plan to wipe out all life (similar to Android 13, who also uses mortal shortcomings to justify his carnage). He also thinks that the only reason mankind has persisted all these time is because the gods are too arrogant to admit that they were wrong to create mortals. Additionally, he decided to want to trade bodies with Goku from the unaffected main timeline inside Universe 7 rather than wish for the extermination of mortals with the Super Dragon Balls from the unaltered main timeline within Universe 6 to show his adoration for the Saiyan.

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