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Kawaki’s initial hostility toward strangers stems from years of mistreatment at the hands of his birth father and Kara. He speaks to people in an impolite manner and frequently uses foul language. In addition, he speaks in a direct and straightforward manner. Kawaki had developed a self-emptying mindset as a result of Jigen’s emotional abuse, but he changes it after meeting Naruto. In addition to his tendency to be unpleasant, Kawaki occasionally displays a great deal of stubbornness, which irritates others who try to communicate with him.

He appears gloomy, disconnected, and pessimistic in the future. He seems to hate shinobi and wants to put a stop to their time in history.

Kawaki has a black undercut with blonde sides that are shaved, the roman number IX under his left eye (originally a curved dagger mark), and two hooped piercings under each eyebrow. Along with black slacks and black half-sandals, he is dressed in a green top with a long, sleeveless jacket over it.

Karma, a black diamond-shaped seal, may unfurl and move up his left arm to his face. It is located on the palm of his left hand. He becomes crimson while syncing with Boruto’s Karma.

He appears in the future sporting a black vest trench coat, a violet infinity scarf, and a white shirt with his chest showing.

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