Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc Twixtor

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Ichigo turns into Getsuga itself utilizing this method. It is known as the “Final” Getsuga Tensh because, once used, Ichigo loses all of his Shinigami abilities. Ichigo’s hair becomes black and grows quickly to waist length during the power’s duration. Around his neck, right arm, chest, and face in the shape of a mask, a bluish-gray bandage-like carapace develops. His left arm and torso are covered with black, flame-like patterns, while his lower body is covered by the frayed edges of a black cloak. In this state, Ichigo’s body continuously exudes smokey black Reiatsu, with the majority of it concentrated around his right arm.

Ichigo has the ability to utilize Mugetsu when in this form. It undergoes a metamorphosis, which is thereafter lost. He will then go into a state of extreme anguish and unconsciousness, losing all of his shinigami abilities in the process. In contrast, when Ichigo lost his Reiryoku, a tiny portion of it slowly gathered in one place inside of him over time, and he started to regain it slightly after a year and a half. Any remaining Reiryoku will stabilize, and he will awaken some time later (roughly a month), followed shortly by the loss of his remaining Reiryoku.

Ichigo, using Mugetsu’s Reiatsu to create a sword of deep black energy, swings it in the direction of his intended victim. By doing this, a huge veil of black Reiatsu that is approaching the target explodes skyward, darkening the sky and severely injuring anybody caught in its blast. The energy then continues to ascend before vanishing into the sky. The method is potent enough to seriously hurt Ssuke Aizen in his most advanced evolutionary stage and compel him to regenerate there.

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