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Levi has a deceptively young face, narrow, threatening dull gray eyes, and short, straight black hair dressed in an undercut curtain. He also has heavy bags under his eyes. He uses vertical maneuvering equipment frequently, thus despite his diminutive stature, his muscles are nicely developed. It is frequently difficult for people to tell what he is thinking because he typically has a scowl on his face or is expressionless. He also has an unusually tranquil temperament.

In addition to his distinctive white ascot, he is most frequently seen wearing his Survey Corps uniform, which is worn with a light gray button-up shirt beneath. He furthermore dons the green hooded cloak of the Survey Corps while setting out on trips beyond the Walls. Levi once wore a black suit, a simple white shirt, an ascot, and formal shoes when he had to take time off work owing to an accident; however, since since the coup d’état started, he has removed the ascot. He only wore his vertical maneuvering equipment harness over casual clothing for the most of the time that the Survey Corps was on the run from the military and monarchy.

Levi will only submit to those he respects, and he has no issue displaying blatant contempt for authority from those outside of this group. He called the merchants “pigs” before Eren’s hearing and warned the Military Police that they weren’t qualified to handle Eren, making fun of numerous MPs by noting that they had never engaged in combat with or even seen a single Titan. They even backed off when he sardonically suggested that they join the Survey Corps. He openly resents the majority of the MPs for their ongoing efforts to discredit the Survey Corps, as well as maybe due to the criminal life he had before to joining the Corps.

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