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With a height of 164 centimeters, Vegeta is a little but extremely well-built guy. Depending on the media, his spiked, black hair might be dark reddish brown or black. Vegeta sports an eye-catching widow’s peak. He has well-defined eyes with the characteristically grim expression of most Saiyans. He was born with a prehensile brown-furred tail like other Universe 7 Saiyans, but Yajirobe amputated it for good.

Vegeta’s physical appearance evolves throughout the series. In contrast to his huge mate, Nappa, he first comes out as being extremely tiny and slender, but with time he seems to become considerably taller and notably more muscular. As the series goes on, his hair and forehead seem to be shorter, and his always scowling facial features also look more prominent and clearly defined, giving him a significantly older appearance than he had in his debut.

Despite this fact, it seems Vegeta cannot close the power disparity due to its size. However, Vegeta enjoys fighting since he is aware that there is never a guarantee of success. Granolah becomes enraged when Vegeta asserts that his strength is always increasing, even when compared to just a few minutes before, and that fighter rankings only represent a single point in time. By using a pressure point strike to break Vegeta’s Battle Armor and severely reduce him to basic form, Granolah chooses to put an end to Vegeta’s life. Vegeta doesn’t stumble but instead starts to giggle. He is feeling something he has not felt in a long time. There is just combat; there is no world to rescue, no population to save.

Vegeta releases a burst of his newfound power at Granolah. Vegeta arrives and snatches him by the scarf as he clears it away. Granolah, according to Vegeta, has let his strength get the better of him, thus he will be taken down a notch before receiving a barrage of powerful strikes. Vegeta is stuffed full of cereal, but it seems to have little of an impact; the Saiyan even claims that he is becoming stronger by the second before tossing Vegeta onto the ancient city below. Granolah is astounded at the new stature that his adversary has attained and queries the existence of a God of Destruction.

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