Maki Zenin vs Miwa Twixtor 4k (Flow Clips)

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Maki is a young lady with a tall, fit frame. She has long, black hair that is typically pulled back into a tiny ponytail, small golden eyes, and dark green hair in the anime. She wore several sets of glasses that allowed her to see curses and had fringes of hair across her forehead and tiny strands around her cheekbones.

A white yukata and a black hakama were Maki’s traditional attire while she was still a member of the Zenin clan. Maki’s initial Jujutsu High student uniform featured the customary long-sleeve jacket with a skirt.

Jogo’s flames during the Shibuya Incident badly burnt Maki. Due to the terrible burns she sustained, a significant portion of her body is now covered in scars that extend up and down both her arms and the sides of her face. She may have chopped it, or it may have been burnt off in part or in all, but her hair now barely reaches just beyond her ears.

Maki made the decision to change her outfit so that most of her arms were exposed. She donned a big cloak that was fastened to her by two Jujutsu High pins on either side over a black turtleneck top with no sleeves. The shirt was fastened around the waist of her slim black jeans with a broad brown belt that had a gold buckle.

Megumi became leadership of the Zenin clan upon Naobito’s passing thanks to a unique provision. Megumi didn’t want to take the job, but Maki pleaded with him to. She attempted to persuade him of the benefits of belonging to the clan, but the traditional Megumi rejected her and urged her to do it instead. Irritated, Maki said that no one would accept her and declared all the reasons why Megumi would make a good head, adding barely at the end. Megumi continued to reject it and said that acceptance wouldn’t matter. However, Maki wasn’t only good enough for them—she was also good enough for herself. Maki thought she was still unable to create a place in the clan where Mai would feel at home.

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