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Takumi was forced to start working as a delivery driver for his father Bunta’s tofu shop when he was just 13 years old. He was originally terrified of driving, but he ultimately became acclimated to the activity. To help Takumi practice his driving skills and make sure he didn’t break any of the tofu, Bunta put a cup of water in the car’s cupholder. Over the course of a year, he significantly improved his ability, but he still found the chore tedious and disliked his father for having him drive because it was against the law. Takumi first meets Itsuki Takeuchi in the second year of middle school.

Takumi is 18 and in his senior year of high school in the summer of 199X (1996 in the Tokyopop version). Natsuki confronts Takumi while he is discussing vehicles with Itsuki. Natsuki asks Takumi how he and Itsuki make such little money after being surprised that she is speaking to him after a year of being shunned. Natsuki is astonished that they can both work so hard and still make such meager wages. Before she departs, she offers the possibility of another hangout with Takumi following their examinations. Before the two of them leave school, Takumi discloses to Itsuki his connection with Natsuki. Itsuki keeps mentioning purchasing a car on the way home.

The following morning at around 4AM, Takumi leaves on a tofu delivery run. After completing the delivery, Takumi encounters Keisuke Takahashi, the RedSuns’ backup driver, while he is traveling home in a yellow Mazda RX-7. To his own chagrin, Keisuke makes every attempt to lose Takumi’s automobile but is unsuccessful. Keisuke is startled as Takumi pulls ahead of him and uses an inertia drift to round the turn.

Natsuki calls Takumi in the early hours of the morning and asks him to meet her in Ikaho so they can finally put the past behind them. Natsuki arranges for them to visit the beach after discovering that Takumi has a driver’s license. Later, on his way home

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