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Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha’s first child was named Itachi. His early years were marred by violence: the Third Shinobi World War broke out when he was four years old, and he saw many of the victims firsthand. Itachi was traumatized by the death and devastation he witnessed at such a young age and became a pacifist as a result. He then trained nonstop to fulfill his ambition of becoming a ninja among ninja in order to banish war from the world. Shisui contacted Itachi when he was five years old and offered to practice with him. Shisui had recently become Sasuke’s older brother. The two quickly developed a brotherly relationship and were best friends as they proceeded to teach one other new skills.

He was at home alone himself caring for Sasuke, then Itachi saved Mikoto from falling debris, and in the anime, he went in search of safety with Izumi. The leadership of Konoha and the Uchiha had damaged ties as a result of the Nine-Tails attack, with the former assuming the latter was to blame. To isolate the Uchiha from the rest of the community and make it simpler to keep an eye on them, they were moved to the hamlet’s outskirts.

Itachi became the Anbu’s youngest member when he was 11 years old. Itachi is a member of Team Ro in the anime, where he collaborates with Tenzo and is led by Kakashi Hatake. Itachi met Kakashi during his tutelage and, while not being a Uchiha, expressed interest in the Sharingan he held. After a battle between Konohagakure and the Praj Group of the Land of Woods, they both joined forces to form a two-man team and killed the latter after an attempted treachery. They would collaborate for two years before Itachi was given the opportunity to join a new Anbu team under Danz’s command.

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