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From Night City, Lucy is a strange netrunner. She prefers to keep to herself and avoids discussing her background in any detail. Although she appears harmless, if someone annoys her, she won’t think twice before killing them. Lucy sees Night City as a prison as well, and she fantasizes of one day escaping to the moon.

Lucy is a young lady with naturally white hair and pupils that alternate between purple and red. She has subtle lip and red eye makeup on. Her hair is coloured in a vibrant pastel rainbow gradient and trimmed in a split bob with her left side left longer. Her hair’s colors seem to mirror in her eyes. In addition to a pair of white shorts and high gray stockings, Lucy also sports a cropped white jacket, a black, sleeveless, and thighless netrunner jumpsuit with red accents, and black knee-high boots.

After spending some time in Night City, Lucy joined Maine’s edgerunner crew in 2075, where she was trained by Kiwi, a different netrunner.

She attempted to take shards carried by David Martinez while robbing corpos en route to Corpo Plaza by NCART. David was able to grab her by the arm after spotting her and using his Sandevistan implant to stop her in her tracks. Lucy pushed David’s arm away and took his in an effort to make him follow her. Lucy started questioning David since he was interfering with her “work.” After a brief chat, the two decided to work together, with Lucy hiring David as her apprentice and splitting their income seventy-to-thirty.

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