Yuta vs Geto Twixtor 4K (Jujutsu Kaisen 0)

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Suguru is a tall, lean man with long, black hair that hangs down his back and is only partially knotted behind his head. He has sparse bangs that occasionally hide his left eye, little black eyes, and bangs. His earlobes are sufficiently big to accommodate pretty sizable circular earrings. Suguru’s hair was significantly shorter when she was a student in 2006. Although most of it was wrapped up, his bangs were still rather noticeable. Suguru’s hair started to lengthen after August 2007, when he started using curses, and is now the same length as it was in 2017.

Suguru donned the typical jujutsu high outfit for students. Suguru dresses as a Buddhist monk, pretending to be one while posing as someone else. He’s wearing a black kasaya over a gold one.

Non-sorcerers were detested by Suguru Geto, who frequently called them “monkeys.” He believed that sorcerers represent the pinnacle of human growth and the superior race. He was arrogant and incredibly contemptuous toward regular people, creating false personalities to entice weak, cursed individuals. Suguru considered non-sorcerers so repulsive that he sprayed himself to eliminate the “monkey stink.” He thought that monkeys could only play two jobs in relation to him: money collectors and curse collectors. Suguru would willingly and without remorse enable curses to kill them if they weren’t performing their duties.

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