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Maki is a very direct and stubborn individual who seeks to advance on her own without assistance from others. She is incredibly capable, driven, and strong-willed in her desire to defy the expectations that her putative family members have placed on her.

Strong cursed methods are essential in a sorcerer clan, but Maki couldn’t even see curses. Because sorcerer clans need their women to stand out even more, Maki is regularly subjected to harsh mistreatment and abuse at the hands of the Zenin clan. Regardless of what her family believes, Maki pushes herself to develop into a powerful sorcerer while feeling cursed by her own blood. She wants to fully reject their way of life and rip apart its base.

Even to her peers, Maki sometimes seems a bit frigid. Although Maki is a natural leader, she can be quite harsh with others and has a tendency to lose her cool quickly. Due of his extremely silly attitude, Maki doesn’t appear to recognize Satoru Gojo as a person. Maki frequently calls him a stupid, even though he’s her instructor and senior. She first treated Yuta extremely poorly due to his timid demeanor and informed him outright that, as a cursed human, he had no business attending Jujutsu High .

Maki and Yuta came to understand one another while working on a task, and she discovered they weren’t all that different.

Because she wanted Yuta to become stronger and fight alongside her, Maki subjected him to hard training. As their senpai, she would subsequently teach this knowledge to Megumi and Nobara. Even though they had to take a lot of beatings in the process, she has taught them all extremely sophisticated situational awareness and how to correctly use a range of weapons.

To maintain her renowned steely veneer, Maki has suppressed a lot of her emotions. She hasn’t indicated a romantic interest in anyone, and Panda and I used to have fun making fun of her about it. This humiliated Maki enough to strike out at Panda in a rage when it came to Yuta.

Maki, a second-year student, exudes leadership and effectively mentors her juniors. She is drawn to Megumi since they get along and he is also a former member of the Zenin clan. She doesn’t mind making harsh jokes about him, which occasionally gives the impression that she is a “cold-hearted devil.” She humorously inquired as to whether or not they had just attended a funeral when she discovered Megumi moping with Nobara. Ironically, this happened after Yuji Itadori, a classmate, passed away. As per usual, Maki became furious with Panda for not alerting her sooner after feeling extremely bad about what had happened. even following the mishap

Maki killed the whole Zenin clan coldly and without showing any emotion. Without showing any regret, she wiped out every member of the Hei and Kukuri unit present that day. She only spoke to Noaya when he questioned whether or not she had a human heart. She had already beheaded Jinichi and thrown his severed head into a body of water. She just replied, “No… it was taken from me.” [30] During their altercation, he attempted to refer to Maki as an impostor, but Maki cut him off by delivering a blow to the face. She then asked him to repeat that sentence as a cruel tease.

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