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Miguel is a tall, thin, African man with dark complexion whose hair and eyes are typically hidden by accessories. He has thick lips and big ears that are adorned with hoops of jewelry. Miguel always sports a big fluffy beret-style hat and wears armless sunglasses to block his eyes. Miguel is also wearing black slacks, a zippered short-sleeved jacket, and everyday shoes. About a year later, Miguel also wore a patterned sweatshirt when near Yuta.

Like most of his erstwhile comrades, Miguel is a placid person who doesn’t seem to overtly exhibit any specific dislike for non-sorcerers. He and Larue just wanted to see Suguru Geto achieve his goals, and they made the decision to leave the organization after he passed away. Miguel was ready to fight the most powerful sorcerer in the world for Suguru because of his loyalty to him. Nevertheless, Miguel did make a vow to punish Suguru if he perished in that conflict.

Miguel put on a brave front and seemed to remain confident despite being anxious and up against such a strong opponent, leading Satoru to even acknowledge Miguel as a formidable foe. The jovial side of Miguel is also present. Satoru noted that Miguel talks like MMA comic Bobby Ologun, something the Hasaba sisters believed he was doing throughout the fight.

Miguel hails from a line of African sorcerers. They are in charge of creating the Black Rope, a cursed item with strength on par with high-grade weapons like the Inverted Spear of Heaven. Miguel may use Black Rope to attack Satoru and disrupt the Infinity during a battle, which is something most of his opponents are unable to do. He also made it out alive and managed to get away from the Six Eyes user. Miguel has knowledge about the Six Eyes and the Limitless thanks to information from Suguru.

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