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Toge is a thin young man with fair complexion, brown eyes, and straight hair that is around mid-length. On his tongue and both cheeks, the Inumaki clan’s “Snake and Fangs” seal was present from birth. This was taken into consideration while designing his Jujutsu High costume, which has a high collar with a zipper that hides his lips. Toge dresses for exercise with a white short sleeve shirt underneath a dark collared shirt, sports trousers, and sneakers. Toge lost his left arm during the Shibuya Incident as a result of Sukuna’s assault.

Toge initially had shorter, spikier hair in 2017 that finally developed into his current hairdo in 2018. He donned a similar outfit, except instead of wearing a light-blue sweater like in the movie, he wore a light-tan turtleneck.

Toge has platinum blonde hair and purple eyes in the anime version, while the color of his outfit is a shade of royal blue.

Toge comes across as a quiet, aloof kid who might be a little daunting to Yuta Okkotsu at first when they first meet. Toge is actually an extremely perceptive and kind guy, despite his calm and somewhat detached exterior. He stays silent to avoid mistakenly using his magical words to curse someone.

Toge’s defense of Maki and Panda against Rika was the one thing that made him look menacing to Yuta. Toge started opening up right away after realizing how similar Yuta’s circumstance was to his own. This was tough for Toge to explain to someone who didn’t know him well due to his unclear communication. Toge demonstrated to Yuta that he was a good friend who solely wanted to watch out for others by his deeds.

Toge is aware of the enormous power he possesses while being cursed by his talent. He is extremely smart and able to maintain his composure in any circumstance. He also always knows when to use it and when not to. Toge has also shown that he is highly courageous and self-assured.

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