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Yuta was a shy, lonely youngster who experienced a lot of bullying as he grew up. Yuta was unable to connect with others and has lost all confidence in himself since Rika haunted him for a large portion of his early life. As a result, Yuta finds it challenging to communicate with others because they frequently startle him without meaning to or because he is simply too bashful to approach them.

Yuta, who sincerely cared about other people, yet made the decision to cut himself apart from them, even if it meant staying by himself. Yuta was criticized by Maki Zenin for being a grumpy child and for having no ambitions in life.

Making friends helps Yuta develop his self-confidence and set the aim of assisting in Rika’s release. He labored really hard to figure out a solution to assist her because he felt guilty for her being a curse in the first place. Yuta displayed a more determined side of himself while training and took all of his friends’ and mentors’ advice to heart. [6] At his core, Yuta aspires to become someone who can assist keep others safe.

In his confrontation with Suguru Geto, Yuta displayed his worst side. Geto harmed Yuta’s only pals, and the boy was more than happy to kill the guy in retaliation. Even Rika’s strength could be summoned at will because to Yuta’s wrath.

After spending some time away from home, Yuta came back to Jujutsu High with a new Rika and seemed to be lost in his own gloom. For the higher ups, he agreed to murder Yuji Itadori, another of Gojo’s students, and made excuses about it being retaliation for chopping off Toge’s arm. Yuta presented himself as being dead-on serious, icy, and direct. Before they had even exchanged words, he made an effort to kill Yuji and then apologized while doing it.

All of this, though, was a ruse to keep Yuji safe from the authorities. Yuji was cured before the first-year passed away permanently because Yuta had to act in a specific manner to make it plausible. Yuta went out of his way to deceive the authorities and aid Yuji despite never having met the latter since Gojo requested him to. He was more than willing to assist since Yuji is significant to those who are dear to Yuta. He also feels for Yuji because he can relate because he was facing death row with a power he could never expect to control. Yuta doesn’t hold Yuji accountable for Sukuna’s behavior.

Yuta is still a naturally nice individual who has grown immensely as a person even without the deceptive persona of a cold killer. He is lot less shy and more outgoing than he ever was. Gojo astonished himself that Yuta was even making jokes when he met him in Africa.

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