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The movie opens with Japan being knocked out of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which inspires the Japanese Football Union to launch a program scouting high school players who will start practicing for the 2022 Cup. Isagi Yoichi, a striker, was invited to this program shortly after his team missed the opportunity to compete at Nationals because he passed to a teammate with less skill who missed rather than attempting to score the game-winning goal on his own.

Ego Jinpachi, their coach, wants to “destroy Japanese loser football” by implementing a radical new training method. He will segregate 300 young forwards into “Blue Lock,” a facility that resembles a prison, and subject them to rigorous training in order to produce “the world’s greatest egotist striker.”

Second-year student at Isag who formerly played as a forward for the football squad at Ichinan High School. He was a participant in Initially Selection when he first arrived to Blue Lock as a member of Team Z. His major objective is to become the best striker in the world.

Isagi is one of the top players in Blue Lock and plays as an offensive midfielder for Bastard München during the Neo Egoist League after the Blue Lock Eleven’s match against the Japan U-20.

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