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He also has a cruel temperament, as seen by the time he appeared ready to assault the defenseless Ken after his men had him restrained just to flick him in the head while laughing at his terror. He was quite brutal, using a glass bottle to strike one of his followers in the head while displaying no remorse for his actions. This and several other actions demonstrate his willingness to utilize followers for any reason he deems appropriate in order to further his goals of running the school and having fun.

Kakeru is sharp in his own thinking despite his scary and menacing demeanor, as seen by the fact that he was quick to inform Honami Ichinose—even though she had observed the incident—that it had been done in self-defense to hide his tracks. When one of his followers failed in his attempt to accuse Ken Sud of assault and get him expelled, he and another one of his supporters attacked the injured guy. He also declined to engage Class 1-A in combat while Manabu Horikita, the president of the student council, was there because he is aware that at that time, he isn’t equipped to face Arisu Sakayanagi.

Mental Capabilities
In spite of his regular violent actions and tenancies, Kakeru is shown to be someone who is very intelligent as he successfully persuaded and forged an alliance with KĹŤhei Katsuragi to aid him in the survival test. He also planted spies in the respective camps of classes 1-B and 1-D in order to learn the identities of the leaders to gather points for his own class without the respective class leaders finding out.

Physical Prowess
Kakeru’s ability to intimidate and have total control over Daichi Ishizaki, a renowned troublemaker in middle school who had been involved in a good number of fights, demonstrates his might. He also has no problem starting fights and managed to frighten Ken, another criminal. Despite Mio Ibuki’s understanding of various martial arts techniques and her reputation as the strongest second-year female, he is also shown to be capable of physically injuring her and overwhelming her quite quickly. He didn’t even blink when she tried to kick him, for example.

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