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Operation Strix, arguably his most difficult task to date, is given to “Twilight.” In order to approach his target Donovan Desmond for this assignment, he must wed and bear a kid. He eventually adopts telepath Anya and marries assassin Yor, but they all keep their true identities a secret from one another.

In order to succeed at his job, “Twilight” must enroll Anya in the renowned Eden Academy so that she may get close to Damian Desmond, the target’s son. The true test for “Twilight” will be preventing Anya from receiving 8 Tonitrus Bolts and being expelled, as that is what she has to achieve in order to become an Imperial Scholar.

The attractive Loid has pale complexion, short blond hair, and blue eyes. Depending on the situation, he frequently wears his hair back in a variety of ways. He has a strong physique, a good height, and large ears. Although his background and look suggest that he is in his thirties, his actual age is unclear.

When outside, he frequently sports a light green three-piece suit with a crimson tie. On his left lapel, he has a lapel pin with the word “WISE” shaped like a dagger.

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